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Picardie creates high quality custom windows, restores original windows and replicates existing windows for residential and commercial spaces. Picardie has worked on all size projects from commercial buildings involving the restoration and replication of hundreds of windows to unique custom windows for churches and homes, Picardie has the ability to create what you need. Our team will work with you to match a historical window or fabricate a new design all while offering solutions to improve energy efficiency. 


  • Historical Preservation – restoration and replication

  • Round, Curved, and Bowed Windows

  • Insulated, Safety, Low E, and Restoration Glass

  • Custom Interior Applied Films

  • Metal Weather Stripping

  • Compression Weather Stripping

  • Traditional Ropes and Pulleys

  • Modern Invisible Balances

  • Specialty Hardware

  • Specialty Glazing and Muntins

  • Modern Hardware

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