Ryan Gootee General Contractors

Trapolin Architects

The historical stairs are U-shaped winder stairs that are open on both sides at the bottom floor, until they meet the wall on the left side (ascending).  Then, they continue open on one side until they reach the second floor. The next run is nearly identical.  However, it starts at the wall instead of extending out past the wall of the stair well.  There are no intermediate landings between floors, as the stair treads accommodate the curve.  The approximate construction period is mid nineteenth century.  The wood is cypress for the stair treads, risers, and stringers (including the decorative interior stringer).  The handrail and spindles are mahogany.


Prior to deconstruction of the stair, we conducted a thorough documentation, survey, and cataloging process to the existing five story staircase.  This was done through a digital scan, visual inspection, and detail documentation of critical points.  Once the stair had been carefully deconstructed, it was transported to our shop to begin restoration.  We recreated a replica of the stairs shaft in our warehouse so that we could rebuild it to the exact dimensions and height. All deteriorated components and missing parts are recreated by copying existing and or by layout. Once the stair case is re-assembled by floor, we will take it a part and bring it back to it's original location so it can go back in place and remain where it belongs as a focal point of the Sazerac House.

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